5 Tips For Your First 100 Mile Bike Ride

5 Tips for Your First 100 Mile Bike Ride

Cycling 100 miles is something many cyclists aspire to if they’re not professional, so I thought I’d share some tips that helped me complete my first 100 mile bike ride.

Have A Pre-Planned Route

It might be an obvious one, but whether you use maps or prefer using a cycling computer, planning your route avoids any dramas on the day. To plot my route, we used Garmin Connect then downloaded it onto my Garmin Edge 1030. Whilst relying on technology isn’t always advised in case the dreaded battery runs out, I generally knew where I was so could have ridden home if needed. You also want it to be a route you’ll enjoy, so avoid main roads if you can.

Know Of Emergency Stops On The Way

Toilet stops. Food stops. Or just safe places to rest. They all come in handy if you’re not feeling 100% on the day. Completing your first 100 mile bike ride doesn’t have to be a race, so don’t be afraid to stop if you need to.

Carry Enough Spares

You’re out the house for longer, so the chances are you’ll be needing more spares. What you carry can come down to personal preference, but I like to carry some inner tubes, tyre levers, hand pump and a multi-tool. Any big mechanical dramas on the big day can be avoided by taking your bike for a service a week or two before to check everything is working as it should. Carrying a cafe lock can be handy if cycling alone too.

Picture of Garmin, inner tube, bicycle pump, cycling lights, cycling lock and multi tool

Practice Nutrition Before Hand

Fuelling your body before it starts to run out of energy is key when it comes to endurance riding, whether it be via hydration or food. The reason I say practice nutrition before hand is that your in the saddle for a long time. You don’t want to be consuming nutrition you’ve never had before as you don’t know how your body will respond to it.

Check The Weather

You want to make your first 100 miles as comfortable as it possibly can be, so headwinds like I had to endure are definitely not advised. Harsh weather can sap those crucial energy stores, so a calm day that isn’t too hot describe perfect century ride conditions.

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