Wizard Works Lil Presto Barrel Cycling Bag First Look

Cycling Bag

Cycling adventures are getting longer, so there comes a time when the three pockets in the back of your cycling jersey aren’t enough. Most cycling bags on the market appear fairly dull, but this is where Wizard Works burst into the industry with their bold designs to help you be more self-sufficient when exploring new places by bicycle.

I was in the market for a bag to go on my handlebars. I figured a bag here would be the most accessible. You might be thinking I’m mad putting a bag onto an aero road bike, but with everything going on I sometimes prefer not having to stop in local shops and cafe’s. Particularly when it comes to leaving my bike despite locking it up.

A Wizard Works Lil Presto! Barrel Bag arrived in the post this week and I was rather excited for it to come. I’ve wanted one for a while, but just never got round to ordering one. The ‘Splatter’ colour-way that I went for just stood out for me. It was bold but not over-the-top. It was also likely to stay looking cleaner for longer too being mainly black.


Sliding open the zip they maintain their bright colour choices inside with a bright yellow interior that just adds to its sleek look. Holding it in my hands it feels well made by their seamstresses down in London. It maintains its shape via a HDPE plastic liner and whilst they can’t say its waterproof, it is fairly water resistant. I’m talking about it being a bag for my handlebars, but the bag can also be attached to a saddle instead.

After a few rides with it attached to my bike I’ll be able to let you know how I get on by writing a full review. However, just looking at it you can tell how thought through the product is. Strong straps making it easy to attach to whatever bike you happen to ride. Pockets on the side for things like old wrappers before you get chance to find a bin.


As a road cyclist, that is what I’ll predominantly be using it for. Yet I feel it will fit into the world of gravel cycling just fine. Whatever cycling you do, as put by Harry who packed my order, the ‘Splatter’ Lil Presto! Barrel Bag is the perfect ‘disco flavoured adventure buddy’. With the extra storage I’m looking forward to planning longer days on the bike now I can take my lunch with me!

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