Lucy’s Life and Bikes Collective

Lucys Life and Bikes Collective

Women’s cycling is on the up, but finding other women to cycle with isn’t the easiest of tasks at times. You turn up to your local club and find you’re in the minority. I know there are some fab cycling clubs out there, but I haven’t managed to find one yet where I’m not outnumbered.

This is where Lucy’s Life and Bikes Collective comes in. Whilst it isn’t an official club yet (baby steps), I’m hoping it opens the door to regular road rides in the area for women who like big days out on their bike.

With Ryan Morley Coaching on-board too, it might even progress to skills and fitness coaching too. We’ll go through road etiquette, so everyone knows what each hand signal means when out riding in a group. Set hand signals also help everyone feel a little more comfortable riding in a group too!

When rules allow I’ll get to work on setting up some group rides, but for now let’s talk cycling kit. A few weeks ago I contacted No Pinz about custom cycling kit. I could have gone completely crazy on the design, but I wanted a club kit feel to it. That being said, No Pinz have translated the design onto over 20 pieces of cycling kit. From women’s padded cycling shorts to race fit jerseys. Turbo towels to aero socks.

Whether you get a cycling jersey or arm warmers, you’re more than welcome to join a Lucy’s Life and Bikes Collective ride soon!

You Should Know…

No Pinz cycling kit is handmade in the UK down in Devon, so with COVID their current lead time is 28 days. So please be patient when you make your order.

If you want a comparison for size, my latest Velotik Racing Team jersey was a Small and I ordered a Race Fit jersey.

To access the shop you’ll need a password, so drop me an email to if you want more details.

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