Where To Cycle When It Gets Cold

Now into October, we’ve definitely all felt the temperatures drop. Not only is getting out of your nice warm bed for work a bit more difficult, but so is getting up to go and ride your bike. So, where’s best to cycle when the weather gets cold?

1.Your local trail centre


Now I know many mountain bikers who avoid trail centres now just out of principle. It’s not ‘real’ mountain biking apparently. BUT these trails do have a cafe (more often than not) at the start and the end of your loop. So, surely a trail centre is a no brainer in the middle of winter right? And with the trails being accessible to the masses, the kids can come along too!

2. Pump Track


Many use the ‘off-season’ whether they’re pro or not to work on their skills for next year, so pump tracks can be a god-send. Pump tracks can help improve your cornering, jumping skills and how you maintain your speed on the trails. If your local pump track isn’t too water logged, why not give it a go?

3. Velodrome Taster Session


You might be a die-hard roadie or mountain biker, but never both right? Well I’m both and open for trying new things. I did exactly that last Summer when I tried my hand at riding round the Velodrome in Manchester. It’s inside…it’s warm…and we could explore Manchester after. Just one pointer, if you’re finding somewhere to park and you pull into a car park full of Audi R8’s and Ferrari’s…the ticket will be quite expensive ha!

Every bike ride doesn’t have to be a big expedition into the hills, on road bike or mountain bike, it can simply be along a canal or on fire roads through a forest. It makes snuggling up with a hot chocolate afterwards all that more satisfying.

Need ideas? Look no further

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