Engineering. Bikes. Being Outdoors.

3 things that describe me pretty well and all things that can be expanded upon.


Cars, bikes, aircraft…anything even remotely related to engineering I love learning about. Being around it from a young age I soon came to realise a career in Engineering was the career path I wanted to follow. A year working in bike workshops meant I gained experience with tools and I am now at the start of an Apprenticeship in the Aeronautical Industry. I’ll often end up working on my bikes for no apparent reason! It’s become a hobby just as much as riding them is!


Like most children I learnt to ride a bike at a young age, but it’s only roughly 3 years ago I began to do it more regularly. Mountain biking developed into Downhill and more recently I began road riding too. I just love where bikes can take me and where they already have. Especially organising Girls At Moelfre 2015. As well as raising £1200 for Macmillan Cancer Support I also got to meet so many amazing women who love riding bikes. I raced Downhill for a few years but at the minute I’m more about getting out on my bike and exploring new places and meeting great people along the way.


Being Outdoors.

Something I’ve always loved from those cold, sharp Autumn morning walks to the blue skies in the middle of August. As well as cycling, this year I’ve began running & swimming more regularly. Although I’m working towards swimming outdoors (click here to read how my first attempt went!) Walking my outgoing chocolate Labrador, Jenson, often gets me outside too!


Fancy joining in? Head over to my social media outlets & look out for ‘Lucy’s Life and Bikes’ rides that will be popping up soon!