Engineering. Bikes. Being Outdoors.

3 things that describe me pretty well and if you follow me on social media, you’ll know all to well.

Lucy’s Life and Bikes has been around for a few years now. I started blog writing to document my racing, but set up this website was to document how cycling and enjoying the outdoors can be a way of life, not just a hobby.

Looking back on childhood memories, the most vivid are those from being outdoors. Waking up from camping to find ducks wandering round our tent. Getting lost in maize fields. Rocking my bright pink wellies to go and feed the calves on my Grandad’s farm.


I always thought I was a die-hard cyclist and did nothing else, but I’m more often now wanting to do much more. Go for a run on a new trail. Take my camera into the mountains. One on my mind at the minute is paddleboarding. Using my wetsuit for outdoor swimming more this year is a must too. The idea of swimming in open water terrifies me, but I love the idea of swimming away from chlorine and swimming lanes. I have an engineering apprenticeship that keeps me busy on my feets using drills with lots of lifting, so I love finally getting outside come the weekend or at the end of my shift.

The big world of blogging can make me doubt myself sometimes. I’ve not got a massive following and don’t have an endless bank account to always have the latest kit. So I’m going to make sure I focus on why I started my blog, to encourage others to enjoy the outdoors. Encourage young girls to explore and go on adventures! We can be girly, but what’s stopping us from having a bit of a wild side too?

Swimming in Llyn Cau, Cadair Idris

If I’ve bought a new piece of kit that I can’t stop using, I might write about it. On the whole though, I just want to give you ideas on how you can enjoy being out in the fresh air.

Have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at lifeandbikesblog@gmail.com !