Lucy’s Life and Bikes

Hi, I’m Lucy. A cyclist and blogger from North Wales. Read on for all things cycling and the great outdoors.

REVIEW: Custom No Pinz Cycling Kit

You may have seen my post a while back launching the Lucy’s Life and Bikes Collective. To summarise, this will hopefully grow into a women’s cycling group, but for those who aren’t afraid to cover a lot of miles. Deciding to launch the cycling group is what led me to wanting to design custom kit we can wear when out on rides, which is when I approached No Pinz to help create it.

Interview: Junior World Tour Cyclist Becca

Next up in my series of interviews with female cyclists is Becca. A junior cyclist from Yorkshire who races for Racescene Female Development Academy. A team that helps develop young riders to potentially go on to compete at international level by creating links with continental cycling teams. Competing in road, time trial and cyclocross, I find out how Becca got into cycling.

Wizard Works Lil Presto Barrel Cycling Bag First Look

Cycling¬†adventures are getting longer, so there comes a time when the three pockets in the back of your cycling jersey aren’t enough. Most cycling¬†bags on the market appear fairly dull, but this is where Wizard Works burst into the industry with their bold designs to help you be more self-sufficient when exploring new places by bicycle.


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