Girls At Llandegla Launch

This idea has been circulating around my head for a while. The more I come across #GirlsAtMoelfre photos by chance on my phone, the more I want to organise another event…so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I wanted to get everything in place before I announced it, but then #GirlsAtMoelfre developed more as an event the closer it got to the big weekend. I wanted to be 100% sure on what I wanted the event to be about. Obviously girls having fun riding their bikes, but I wanted it to have a bit more about it too.

After this video popped up in my timeline this weekend, I guess I could say it just clicked. (Excuse the language in the video mind if little eyes are reading this!)

I want it to be an event for all ages. Where we can all encourage each other to ride bikes in a relaxed environment.

We’ll split into groups and go and ride the trails at Llandegla. No set pace, just choose whatever trail you’re comfortable riding. If your a beginner you can come and have a go. Even if you’re a seasoned racer, why not come and just enjoy a laid back day on your bike? With it being on the 31st March, hopefully it’s before your season has kicked off!

Take advice from another Russel Howard video…and make memories. Maybe grab a few photos, but most importantly just enjoy it.

I had no idea Russell Howard was making this new TV programme, but right now I can’t respect him more!

So what happens after we ride bikes? We’ll go and have a good chinwag in the cafe at Llandegla (in the ‘Classroom’ if you’re wanting to be specific!). We’ll have a panel of female cyclists leading the discussion. Like Loose Women but for cycling…ha!

Since we’re all just riding around the trails, if you want to just come for a ride around the trails, then this will be completely free (after paying for parking at Llandegla that is!). As I’m hoping to get some big names to the talk, I’ll be selling tickets for it closer to the time once I get an idea for numbers. I expect tickets will be roughly £10 and all of that money will go to Help for Heroes. I’ll re-release the #GirlsAtLlandegla with the Help For Heroes Logo on it…I’m just waiting on the registration of the the event with them to go through!

Fancy coming along? Register for your free ticket by following this link -> #GirlsAtLlandegla

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