Cycling to Old Fire Station Cafe, Malpas


We’d not done a ride with a cafe stop for a while. I just prefer getting back home to a warm drink rather than stopping half way round, but it just felt like the type of day where a cafe stop was a good idea. No record timings were required either with Ryan racing the following day!

With a cafe set in a little Cheshire village in mind, off we went.

Any ride out into Cheshire is a favourite of mine. I just love how there are so many country lanes that intertwine to make up so many different routes.

We even decided to film this ride, so I’ll let the video show you where we ended up.

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9 thoughts on “Cycling to Old Fire Station Cafe, Malpas

  1. Theianhope says:

    Love the video! You cannot beat a social ride and a good coffee stop in between, it just has to be done. Cheshire is a nice place to ride, I have done the Mcr 100 a couple of times and the roads and country lanes are superb in Cheshire.


  2. Stuart Jewkes says:

    If you’re not already aware of it, I highly recommend the Station House Cafe in Delamere Forest as a refuelling stop for rides in Cheshire. The forest is also part of the Mid-Cheshire Ridge, so unlike most of the rest of the pan-flat county you can string together some decent hill-climbing on the lanes round there (head south from the centre of Frodsham towards Kingsley and Manley – it’s a killer!).

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