River to Ridge

Despite feeling guilty about leaving Jenson at home, a road ride today was a no-brainer after waking up to blue skies this morning.

To miss the rush hour traffic I left at 10 with the plan of following a route I’d found by ‘Discover Cheshire’. From the river in Farndon, the route follows country lanes that meander through the Cheshire plains. The route passed through the quaint little area of the world surrounding the Sandstone Trail. Hense, river to ridge.

But I had to navigate those pretty little country lanes first….

With only a map and my phone as backup, one of those fancy Garmin computers would have come in handy!

Missing turnings, stopping multiple times to check I was on the right road…maps whilst trying to get a training ride in don’t exactly match particularly well.

I managed to get to Tattenhall but a direction to go left up a road that didn’t seem to match the following direction, it was at this point I ended up making up a route…on-route!

I knew where I needed to head to and roads to avoid. So I headed homeward bound passing through numerous little postcard-worthy villages that seemed so distant from the busy A41.

Although, from now on there’s no hiding the fact I ride road bikes as well as mountain bikes. I’ve got some pretty bizarre roadie tan lines…

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