Cobbles and Country Lanes

This weeks ride was thankfully less of a mission than last week. Not that I didn’t enjoy our ride in the Welsh hills last week, I just wasn’t sure if my legs could cope with hills two weeks on the bounce!

Following one of Ryan’s creative routes, of which I could not repeat on my own if I tried, we headed out  Cheshire way rather than deeper into Wales.

It was the type of ride that passed through quaint little villages that seem a whole world away from daily life. Cobbled bridges over slow moving rivers, where you end up surrounded by tiny cottages and narrow streets.

It was a social loop too. The best conversations happen whilst riding bikes.And being apart in the week, me and Ryan normally have a lot to catch up on!

Following some more twisty roads and country lane riding we find ourselves on a fairly narrow lane. One where even bikes and cars can’t really pass each other. With a BMW coming towards us we pulled into the end of a driveway to let him pass. Just as we’re about to head off again, two waggy tails appear at the gate begging for attention…being a dog-lover like I am…I can’t really resist!

After stopping to look at the view over the Cheshire plains we soon found ourselves home to warm ourselves up with a cup of tea.

Because I apparently now drink tea…despite years of saying I don’t like it.

Come Sunday morning Ryan was off out on a much longer ride than we’d done the day before, where I was more content with going for a run with Jenson alongside me. Although I’m not sure if he enjoyed it that much…he seemed to get a bit tired towards the end of it…

2 thoughts on “Cobbles and Country Lanes

  1. Robert says:

    Yes I know all about “creative” routes, that start with the map being upside down (or the road) and mistaking port for starboard (“go right, go right” – where?) but they often provide a good old journey like yours.

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