Trying New Cycling Routes

Going outside when it’s cold and with a possibility of rain is a good way to spend your Sunday right…?

Sort of.

With a longer ride planned I’d decided to pop into Alf’s to get a cycling jacket that didn’t act more as a windbreaker than anything else. So following a quick visit to Alf’s, off into the Welsh hills we went. (We being me and Ryan obviously!)

It’s funny how you get stuck in your ways and use certain routes to get places. And how someone else’s routes can be completely different to yours. The route Ryan was following happened to be right alongside a main road I would normally take. I definitely preferred climbing up the much quieter country lane!

A bit further into the ride Ryan turned round to say “the next descent is a bit technical so take it steady…”

When I’ve ridden downhill tracks…the descent can’t be that bad right?

I quickly found out technical descents on road bikes do exist… When you’re trying to brake with rim brakes and skinny tyres, slowing down isn’t so easy!

And just after composing myself after that crazy descent I was told to “get ready” for the steepest climb of the ride.

Climbs are a sort of love hate relationship with me at the minute. I can get up them, but they still put a bit of a strain on my legs! However, getting up out of the saddle provides me with quite a kick to get up those climbs that take a bit more effort than most.

That’s how the ride went really. Climbs to descents and back up some more climbs. Surrounded by the rolling Welsh hills dotted with sheep and horses.

So what kit did I decide to wear to help me battle through the harsh Winter weather!

  1. Mavic Women’s Ksyrium Elite Thermo Bib Tights
  2. Mavic Ksyrium Thermo Gloves
  3. Endura Women’s Xtract Jacket
  4. Castelli Sciccosa Women’s Jersey
  5. Endura Road Overshoes

3 thoughts on “Trying New Cycling Routes

  1. keeprollingmtb says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for the follow, fellow blogger!

    I can really relate – I still vividly remember taking my first road bike out on Park Street, one of Bristol City Centre’s steepest roads and finding it a bit of an ordeal. Thankfully things have improved (probably helped by techy descents on my mountain bike) and I now use the drops with something semi-approaching confidence…

    I need to invest in some better winter clothing too! Got myself a Castelli Perfetto Jacket for Christmas which is perfect but definitely need some warmer tights. Would you recommend the Mavic Bib tights?

    (Emma Outdoors)


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