Girls At Llangollen

Whether it’s a girl’s night out or a day out on the bikes, sometimes we just need some space from the boys right? And that’s exactly what went down at Llangollen last weekend.

In between chatting to the girls about colour co-ordinating your kit to your bike (this stuff is important..ok?) I couldn’t quite believe the weather. Ok, so it wasn’t all that warm but it wasn’t raining. There’s nothing I love more than riding the tracks at Llangollen when they’re dusty.

Llangollen also happens to be where I first rode my downhill bike at a Campbell Coaching weekend, so being back there for a girl’s event was some what nostalgic.

Female Mountain Biker

With a quick briefing off Martin who runs the track at Llangollen we were off up the hill, and the uplift trailer was full of eager conversations about the day that lay ahead. As the gate slammed shut behind all of the girls at the top of the tracks we made our way down the hill. The majority went down Track 3 to warm up and I was so relieved to see smiling faces at the bottom of the tracks! They loved the tracks as much as I did!

As part of the uplift fee Martin includes lunch so when midday came around we stopped to recharge our batteries and got ready for the afternoon!

Female Mountain Biker

After lunch it was inspiring to see the girls trying different tracks, even those infamous drops at the bottom of the tracks. Drops which I was avoiding that day!

Female Mountain Biker

The closer it got to 5pm when the uplift closed girls started to head home. I know some of them travelled quite a way to get to Llangollen, so I’d like to thank them for coming all that way! A thank you also needs to go to Martin for hosting the uplift and Derv for her amazing pancakes and general help on the day. The success of the day has definitely given me some ideas for future events! A big thanks to my Dad, ‘Phil Bulkeley Photography’, for all of the photo’s used in this post.

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