Erddig Park Run

I finally got round to doing my second Park Run this morning and this time it was my local run at Erddig.

Walking round to the start in front of Erddig Hall to join the large group of runners (with some four-legged friends in the mix too), there was a distinct difference to the Hall since I visited last. With the vibrant red ivy now almost completely gone, those eye-catching leaves now strewn on the floor. Winter is most certainly round the corner.

Erddig Park Run

Yet weather-wise it didn’t feel like October at all. Come 9am the rustle of dry leaves signalled we were now on our way to complete the 5km route.

Erddig Park Run
As 200+ runners made their way into the woods with a blanket of orange leaves on the floor, for this early on a Saturday morning there was a really positive atmosphere which made it all the more enjoyable.

I didn’t push myself too hard for this Park Run. It was more of a social affair, appreciating the location and getting a grasp of the course. Rather than laps it was more of a collection of loops that crossed over a few times. Open fields, cows who must have thought we were mad so went back to munching on their grass and dense woodland. It was honestly a rather pleasant run! Although I did feel a bit guilty for almost not noticing Ryan on my way round who was out on a ride…oops!

Erddig Park Run
After a difficult week recovering from a bad session in the gym, I’m a bit more positive about next week’s training.

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