Things Only Wales Rally GB Fans Will Understand…

Wales Rally GB is a cult classic on the WRC calendar and there’s just some things only Wales Rally GB fans will understand.

1.When the valleys start rumbling, early mornings become a necessity rather than a chore.

Wales Rally GB

2.Driving in a train of cars on Welsh A Roads at 6am…it becomes pretty obvious where they’re all going.

Wales Rally GB

3.We’re as just as much about rallying as we are about rugby.

Wales Rally GB

4.It’s normally a family affair with smiles across the mini rally fans faces as they run round in their wellies and waterproof onesies and find every muddy puddle possible.

Llyn Brenig

5.Rally fans will travel from far and wide just to watch the rally cars tear through our muddy autumnal forests.

Llyn Brenig

6.Everyone knows everyone, but even if you don’t…with the common love of rallying…rally fans will talk to just about anyone.

And when the valleys go quiet…we wait for it to start all over again a year later.

Llyn Brenig

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