World’s End, Llangollen

World’s End above Llangollen offers amazing cycling if you know where to go. This post looks back on an adventure there on our bikes.

Waking up with a head cold I very nearly ended up curled up on the sofa to spend my Sunday watching films. After taking a rather long time to drag myself out of bed, Ryan and I were soon heading to the Welsh hills for an off road ride.

Ryan on a cyclocross bike and me on my hardtail. He’s bonkers…I know.

Following a natural loop I’ve done a few times before now, there was a lot more climbing than I remember. Long country lanes, a mossy ford and plenty of singletrack later the Welsh hills soon got the better of me.

With probably enough tools between us to fix most mechanicals, it was the engine that was the problem. Lack of food and cold winds…the engine was slowly giving up!

Getting back to the cafe at Llandegla it wasn’t a case of wanting food, but needing food. Sharing chilli chips (they ran out of Nacho’s) and a Burger between us, the food didn’t last very long at all.

So despite feeling a bit rough this morning, we ended up having a great day out.

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