South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey

Visiting Wales right now might be a little busier than normal now the Lockdown rules are being lifted, so here are some photos of Southstack Lighthouse, Anglesey.┬áIf you’re looking for a great Staycation, then Anglesey might be the perfect vacation destination you’re looking for.


South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey


Certain places I visited as a child have always had a presence in the back of my mind. Whether it’s possible to go back there or not. South Stack happens to be one of those places and thankfully day trips are possible there.

The first time I visited there a few years back involved me wandering off from my family with the hound at my heels. Passing views unique to the little island off the coast of North Wales, time soon passed and I didn’t realise the time until I had a phone call off my Mum to see where I’d ended up.

This is standard behaviour for me by the sea. I get drawn to the waves and the feeling of looking out to nothing but blue water. Seeing the different currents around a bay. The ships going out to see. Exploring somewhere that isn’t quite on my doorstep.

Anglesey often happens to have aircraft flying round in the skies too from RAF Valley. This involves engines and speed…so naturally something I find interesting!

To most it might just be the island off the coast of North Wales, but something always draws me back there.

Yet, memories are always made there so that might be it.

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