A Lesson in Chocolate Labradors

The first two years of owning a chocolate Labrador involved trying to train him to become a mellow and obedient four-legged companion.

The past two years have been accepting the fact that it will just never happen.

If he wants to go in that muddy puddle…he is going in that muddy puddle…whether you want him to or not.

After one of those never-ending days at work and some cooler weather, Jenson got dragged out on a longer walk than normal.

In familiar surroundings he was his usual energetic self, followed by being quite timid on a new route we’d found.

Sulking when he accidentally walked over holly leaves and more than happy to see the horses on the other side of the fence. (The horses weren’t so much….)

As soon as we got back to familiar territory he was back to his mischievous self. Listening to his nose rather than me was more important….

Despite all this we’d been on a walk I didn’t even know was there even with it being pretty much on my doorstep. Which is surprising considering we’ve had our crazy hound for four years now.

We were always told chocolate Labradors were the most crazy out of the Golden, Black and Chocolate labs. And I definitely agree…

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