Elfyn Antics: How A Puppy Took Over Our Lives Part 2

Sprocker Spaniel Puppy

Bringing Him Home

I mean, you’d probably think you’ve done everything you possibly can to make a house puppy-proof. Putting everything out of puppy reach. A baby gate to stop him escaping upstairs because he can’t get back down again yet. Having a little toy box packed with toys to keep him occupied.

I mean there he was, sat on the bottom step of the staircase, no bigger than a potato. His face dominated by the fluffiest of ears. We thought butter wouldn’t melt until we realised what an escape artist he was.


A few weeks in of him being joined to us at the hip (quite literally), especially when Mum had her fluffy dressing gown on. There obviously came a time where we had to start leaving him to go out and do adult things like shopping and work.

We tried every trick in the book to try and get him to sleep in his puppy crate, but he was having none of it. This puppy did not want to be locked in there. So we thought it would be a good idea to sort of barricade him into the kitchen part of the kitchen/diner part of the house. If he had any accidents it wouldn’t be a massive deal and he had more space.

But this puppy just wanted to be everywhere he shouldn’t.

We didn’t quite realised his ninja skills until the first time we left him in his make-do puppy pen. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your car watching puppy cam and seeing just how much carnage he’s causing just to get out of his puppy pen.

I felt like the worst puppy Mum ever.

You log onto puppy cam and there he is hanging off his front paws on the fencing stopping him escaping. No success getting over the fencing he decided to push round the side of it. I mean, no big issue, he’s just now got the run of the house downstairs. There’s a baby gate stopping him from going upstair…you think.

Not exactly the text you want off your Mum saying “is he suppose to be upstairs?” when she goes to check on him.

No. He was definitely not meant to be upstairs.

I mean, he may as well have had a party up there. How this little potato sized puppy caused so much mess is beyond me. Clothes were all over the floor. He’d managed to get on top of a chest of drawers. He’d pulled everything out from under the bed. Then when I think he tired himself out completely, he decided to curl up on Ryan’s big bobble hat.

Yet there he is when you walk through the door, tail wagging like crazy, as if he’s been there all day like a little angel.

Film’s might make having a dog seem idyllic, but you’ll definitely have your fair share of dramas along the way! I’ve already had a dog from a puppy once and Elfyn still took us by surprise with all of his antics.

Not as long as the last entry, but I hope it gave you something funny to read. With today being Elfyn’s 1st Birthday, I thought it was time for the next instalment of his antics!

If you’re dog did anything crazy as a puppy, feel free to drop it in the comments below!

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