Why I Love Riding My Bike- By Isobel


I can first remember really enjoying riding my bike when I was about four when me, my Mum and Dad were at the park and my Dad pushed me and I just went. That was the first time I had ridden without stabilisers! At the time I had a tiny multi-coloured bike with green tyres which was pretty cool.

Then when I was six on Christmas day I came downstairs to find that there was a huge present for me. At first I thought that it was a motorbike so when I tore off the wrapping paper (with the help of my sister) I was so excited to find that it was a purple Giant mountain bike. It was way too big for me as my Dad had seen it half price and bought it anyway, but I was still excited to ride it.

I’ve had some really good times riding my bike. For example last year there was a whole week of biking based in Bewdley called Bewdley Bike Week. This was run by Overspoke Bike Shop in Bewdley. We camped in our campervan and took our bikes on a steam train then rode them back in between the Severn Valley Railway and the River Severn which was really beautiful. We also did a trail in Bewdley, which I did it twice, and there was free cakes. As well as that we went on a smoothie bike (when you rode on the bike it powered the blender) and my Mum tried out a fat bike. We also had a go at a mini 2X race starting out of a race gate which was really cool and we did that for most of the last afternoon we were there. Then just before we left I tried the unrideable bike and I discovered that it really is unrideable! I can’t wait for this year’s event!


I also ride my bike every day to and from school on my Raleigh. My Giant lives at my Dad’s unfortunately. I have ridden home in very unusual circumstances before like when I rode home in a thunder storm!

I have three bikes. My BMX, Raleigh and then of course my Giant. It’s getting too small for me now, but hopefully it’s not too long until I get a new one. The exact same just bigger! I have two at my Mum’s and my Giant at my Dad’s.

If my sister is at a sleepover when I am at my Dad’s we will go to Sherwood Pines. I love it there because of the varied trails there. There’s a downhill section, a technical section and then just twisty dirt tracks.


If we are with my Mum we will go to Hick’s Lodge where there is a good blue grade trail… if we can convince my sister that is! If it is hot then it is really enjoyable but if it is cold and starts to get dark like it did when we went last time it is not fun at all!

I am really hoping to go to more trail centres this year. I’d also really like to try entering a race, such as the Summer Classic at Cannock Chase. Developing my biking skills is also on the agenda!

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this and that it has reminded you of when you were younger and on your bike.

By Isobel Eastwood

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