Upcoming Hill Climbs

Photo courtesy of Gary Main

With entries coming in thick and fast for the CTT National Hill Climb 2022 there are many questions on hill climbs that classify as a ‘qualifier hill climb’. Hill climbs are a feature on the British racing scene, and closed road events usually pull the crowds. That being said, we recommend entering a few to warm up to the big day on 30th October 2023. Events in the run up are a great way to test your training and work out things like Nutrition on the big day.

Events before 11th October will class as qualifier hill climbs.

So find a few to get you started through the links below…

Fibrax Wrexham RC Horseshoe Pass Hill Climb – 2nd Oct

A climb of just over 2 miles, this course follows the more well-known Horseshoe Pass starting at the Britannia Inn making its way up towards the Ponderosa Cafe. Just to clarify, this is a different course to the National Hill Climb.

Entries close soon!

Click here to enter the Fibrax Wrexham RC Horseshoe Pass Hill Climb

Glossop Kinder Velo Snake Pass – 1st Oct

A 3.2 mile climb from Glossop up Snake Pass.

Entries close soon!

Click here to enter the Glossop Velo Snake Pass Hill Climb

The Romney’s Kendal Mint Cakes Struggle Hill Climb 2022-ROAD CLOSED – 25th Sept

With all of the proceeds going to the Great North Air Ambulance and this event being closed roads, this event is a bit of no brainer really. You’ll get to experience the closed road atmosphere before it’s time to tackle the Old Shoe.

Entries close very soon!

Click here to enter the Struggle (lots more info about the event and course on this link too)

Here’s some more…

Rossendale Road Club (Crown Point) – 8th Oct

Cheltenham & County Cycling Club – 24th Sept(entries close in 6 days!)

Blazing Saddles (Men)(South District Championships) – 25th Sept

Blazing Saddles (Women)(South District Championships) – 25th Sept

Allen Valley Velo (Allendale) – 25th Sept

Huddersfield Star Whs (Jackson Bridge) – 8th Oct

Geared Up And CN Cycles RT (New Mill Bank) – 18th Sept (entries close very soon!)

To add…

We don’t want riders to worry about not getting a ride, but at the same time we want you to be in the best position to give your all when 30th October comes. So get some warm-up events booked in, and get your National Hill Climb Entry in via the links below:

Junior Men National Hill Climb

Junior Women National Hill Climb

Open Men

Open Women

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook where you can ask any questions and keep up with what’s happening.

You can read about qualification for the hill climb here.

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