Workout Videos I’m Loving Right Now

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Training from home is obviously the norm now, so I thought I thought I’d put a post together sharing some of my go-to fitness videos off the internet.

Alice Liveing

Having graced the front cover of Women’s Health Magazine three times, Alice is someone I’ve followed on Instagram for a long time. She’s not about calorie-counting and transformation photos, but more about exercising to make you feel your best. That fitness should be measured by that weight increase you’re now lifting, not how long you need to run to turn a cupcake off.

Her feed is full of easy-to-follow workouts you can do at your own pace. How Alice puts up her workouts by uploading each video individually means it’s a lot easier to focus on using the correct form and avoiding injury.


The Pilates PT

I’d just finished a Pilates beginner’s course before lockdown, so I was gutted when lockdown happened as I was just starting to get going with it! After noticing the Women’s Health Virtual Live event last month, I’ve logged on to Zoom for some Pilates classes with Hollie.

A Pilates instructor from London, she offers a variety of Pilates classes throughout the week. The video below is an example of her ‘Pilates PT Method’, which mixes Pilates exercises with a high-intensity workout. I’ve always known Pilates to be a slow exercise, but I love that classes like this one get your heart rate up.

Classes come at £10 each, which I feel is reasonable when you look into how much training costs to become a fully-qualified Pilates instructor. And a good Pilates teacher at that who will know how the muscles of the body work inside out.

Hollie’s a big advocate for using Pilates pre and post-natal too, which I think is amazing. She’s got lots of classes on her app for new Mum’s and Mum’s-to-be. Being a Mum herself, she also knows what everyone is going through. Drop her a message before you book onto a class if you are pre or post-natal, so you know if it’s safe for you to workout yet.



A link sent over by a friend, this video was a good addition to the Pamela Reif workout next on the list. Making use of resistance bands, it was great for some at-home glute activation.

I’m not massive fans of resistance bands if I’m honest. I find them rather fiddly when I just want to get on with it. If I’m feeling patient that day I might give them a go…ha.


Pamela Reif

One that just popped up on my YouTube feed by chance, it turned out to be a great video to use as a warm-up. It starts out with things like squats, which are great for getting the heart rate up and your muscles warm.

One caveat I’ve found with fitness videos on YouTube is that they’re quite abs intensive from the start. I tried one video earlier in the week and it was something like crunches for the first exercise. For me personally, I feel this puts a lot of strain on the abs and back when they’re not warm yet. It might be just my technique, but that’s my opinion at least.

I find this particular work out from Pamela a great one to use before a strength session. It uses no weights so helps get the muscles warm before you start adding weights to the equation. Something I’ve done this week is use Pamela’s workout followed by Alice’s workout above followed by stretching for a cool down.


Boho Beautiful

A channel that has probably appeared on my blog before, but Boho Beautiful is just my go-to when it comes to wanting to do yoga. I don’t do it as often as I should, but I always have a clear head after a Boho Beautiful yoga session.

There’s a few firm favourites I always go back to, but they’re constantly uploading new videos so you can’t get bored. I find this video particularly useful for loosening muscles prone to getting tight as a result of being a cyclist.

I hope everyone is keeping safe with everything going on. I’m definitely starting to go a little stir-crazy, but workouts like these give me something to do each day at least!

Feel free to drop your favourite workouts below. 

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3 thoughts on “Workout Videos I’m Loving Right Now

  1. glowsteady says:

    I love Alice Liveing and her content/ general attitude. I’ve never watched any of the others so I need to check them out. I’m a runner mainly but I am looking for a little variety with some of my at home workouts while I can’t get to the the gym x


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