Velotik Racing: TEAM STATS

TEAM STATS 2019.jpgThree years in, Velotik is coming to the end of another strong season. The North Wales/North West based cycling team is retaining its handful of riders, as well as taking on two new recruits going into 2020. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, lets look at what 2019 brought to the table.

Velotik Racing Team Riders:

David Williams

David Crawley

Toby Williams

Chris Mann

Gareth Sanger

Jack Roberts

Lucy Bulkeley


Racing spanning from February to October, Velotik picked up a long list of stats with some of the highlights below:

David Williams

Chris Mann 2019Toby Williams 2019

So with a Welsh Champion and National Hill Climb under their belt, Velotik have already looked ahead to 2020 by recruiting two new riders:

Adam Darby

Darren Maironis

Adam Darby 2019Darren Maironis 2019

Darren previously rode for Velotik in 2017 & 2018, but moved to Transition Race Team for the 2019 season. 2020 sees Darren return to Velotik and is another strong TT rider for the team.

Adam is also coming from Transition Race Team securing great results over the longer distance TT’s. Adam will look to retain his Manchester 100 Mile crown for the third year running.

As Velotik’s only female rider, I’m returning my focus to cycling after a year focussing on the London Marathon and raising money for Cardiac Risk in the Young. Not to forget my involvement with the DSI Skoda Academy that saw me go down to Lee Valley Velodrome for some intense fitness tests off Dame Sarah Storey. That being said, it is also worth highlighting Velotik’s further attempts at raising money for the heart charity, CRY, by organising Crit for CRY.

Velotik would like to send out a big thank you to everyone who has supported the team this year. We hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new race season in 2020.

Moving into 2020 Velotik will be carrying the sponsor logo’s of:

Potter Rees Dolan – Serious Injury Solicitors

D.C. Legal – Cycling Solicitor

R.W. Hough & Sons Ltd – Platering Contractors

Ryan Morley Coaching – Cycling Coach

If you’re not already, you can follow the team’s progress over on our Facebook page by following the link below:

Velotik Racing Team

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