Cycling by Fields of Gold

Trying out new cycling kit and cycling by fields of gold.

A pootle around some country lanes to loosen up Ryan’s legs for the following day, Saturday night’s ride was by no means a training ride. It was more of a bike ride I guess. The kind you went on as kids and just generally fooling around.

Women's Cycling
After picking up some ASSOS shorts from Alf Jones Cycles to demo, it was good to be able to ride in a jersey and not a jacket. Granted arms and knee warms were also worn, but it was fairly mild for an evening of cycling. It’s the first time I’ve tried ASSOS shorts, and our 18 mile loop was by no means a ‘hardcore’ test, but I was impressed. On the majority of cycling shorts and leggings I’ve used previously there’s been a seam down the outside of the leg, which I find can restrict me during each pedal stroke. The material can’t stretch very well. With the ASSOS shorts the seam goes almost around the legs, so where I’ve been restricted before, I wasn’t. It was a much more comfortable ride.

Liv Women's Road Bike
Once I’d figured out a good position for my knee warmers, I didn’t need to worry about my shorts rising up.

With them being bib shorts, I didn’t have to worry about my jersey rising up and getting a cold back. Since using my Mavic bib longs, I’ve got rather use to this feature when out on my bike!

Rapeseed Fields
Ryan got on with his shorts too:

“On putting on the shorts I noticed that the cut was slightly different from anything I’ve worn before (and I’ve worn a lot of cycling shorts) The front of shorts is a little lower than normal and the bibs attach at a wider point. This felt a little odd at first, but once I got on the bike it all made sense. The lower front means that once you’re bent over in a riding position nothing digs in and the wider bibs sit nicely on the side of your waist rather than straight up your chest like normal. The rest of the short was faultless; the shorts were well fitted, but not too tight and gave a nice compression feel. The minimalistic leg grippers were spot on and there was no worry of the shorts riding up. And saving the best until last, the chamois (pad) is incredible! Like nothing else I’ve ever ridden in. It sits nicely in the shorts and hugs the body really well (in fact there is areas of the chamois that are left unstitched to the shorts to allow it to fit the contours of your body better) Comfy but not bulky, ASSOS have found the perfect happy medium. Even without using chamois cream (which I usually wouldn’t ride without) the shorts felt mega comfy and are just asking for you to do more miles!” – Ryan

Female Cyclist
Ask Cycling Helmet
ASSOS Women's Padded Cycling Shorts
The rest of the ride consisted of rapeseed fields, trying not to swallow flies and trying to out sprint each other. I lost count of how many times I had to stop after getting a fly in my eyes!

Giant Bicycles
I’m feeling a bit lost after my Triathlon since I don’t really have anything to train for. Yet, quiet rides on Saturday evenings when most are on the sofa are fun and relaxed to do.

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