London at Christmas Part 2: Southbank

If a staycation in London this Christmas is what you’re looking for, then make sure you wander down to South Bank Christmas Markets.


This time around walking up the steps from the tube, we were walking into crowds of people with Big Ben dominating the landscape in the background. We were back in central London on the banks of the River Thames.



Back in Chelsea it looked like a sunset was on the cards and by that I mean one that would be good to photograph.

The result? Running round like a headless chicken trying to get a million photos before the light went completely.


It was only then we could actually look around the Christmas markets of Southbank, which is so much better than the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park by the way! Southbank had plenty of homemade gifts and food to eat. Southbank seemed to represent more accurately the spirit of Christmas. It wasn’t just a money maker.

With darkness now upon us and a train to catch it was a shame we couldn’t have spent longer on the Southbank, but I suppose that leaves more for us to explore when we return…

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