Getting your foot out of the door…

Cycling is an amazing sport, but what happens when your motivation is lacking?

Getting your foot out of the door

Anyone else take FOREVER to get out of the house for a ride on their bike?

Nope? Just me then…

My longer ride this weekend was certainly not something I’d planned. My coach may have asked me to do it, but it wasn’t something my legs were warming to.

I always prefer to get up early to go out on my bike. It’s quieter and means I can get out and do other stuff too. Rolling over and seeing my clock showing 8:40 was a bit of a shock, especially when Ryan was already out on the golf course by this point! Safe to say my early ride had gone straight out of the window. Regardless, my body must of needed a good sleep as I’m not really one to have a lie in anymore!

I may have got up, but there was still the task of actually getting out of the house. Mainly due to the task of actually deciding where I was going to go on my bike. I sat at my computer to plot out the Welsh Champs route, as I though that would be good to do. Yet, deep down I wasn’t really a fan of going on the roads it uses on a bank holiday weekend…

In the end I realised I just needed to get out of the house. Part of me thought it was so late what was even the point of going out at all (in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t that late, I just knew the roads ¬†would be busy). Meaning I very nearly went out at all.

3 and a half hours and 50 miles later I’m sat here writing this post.

Some days can be complete rollercoasters can’t they?

A soon as I got into the Welsh hills the confidence in my climbing legs came back. I wasn’t sprinting up them, but I was just like an engine ticking away until I got to the top. As much as I was loving the Welsh hills, I tackled some steep ones then reverted back to the Cheshire lanes. Bank holiday weekends are not the time to be on busy roads in North Wales…

The Cheshire lanes however were the complete opposite. All of a sudden I hit 40 miles, so stopped at one of my favourite cafes before rounding my ride up to 50 miles. This post might not be the most eventful, but today’s route is definitely one to remember as I actually quite enjoyed it!

Even when everything seems against you in just getting a foot out the door, sometimes it’s worth it.

Any rides you’ve nearly bailed on, but enjoyed in the end?

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