5 Skin Care Tips for Athletic Women

5 Skin Care Tips for Athletic Women

Trawling the internet for a foolproof skin care routine can leave you more confused than you were originally. When you add on the fact you spend most of your time outdoors doing sport, your DIY skin care routine might just not cut it anymore. You might just be able to ditch the make-up too.

I met Leah through mountain biking a few years ago and since she’s set up Alpha Aestetics. An Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and Registered Nurse Practitioner, she wants to help us all enjoy the outdoors, but look after our skin at the same. So what are 5 tips Leah ¬†would give to help look after your skin?

Sun Protection

LeahAll day, everyday. Premature ageing and leathery skin does not demonstrate your athletic success.

Cleansing Skin

Leah Try to exercise make-up free and hair off your face. Cleanse as soon as possible after exercise, even swimming.

Clean Your Sports Equipment

Leah Helmet inserts, glasses, caps. They will retain sweat and bacteria. 


Leah Stay hydrated with plenty of water, but also choosing a suitable moisturiser is key. Even for oily skin.

Get Expert Skin Advice

Leah The regime you need depends on your skin and the activities you do. Dry skin from swimming needs different products than breakout-prone skin from gym workouts.

If you want to know more about looking after your skin, ask Leah for a consultation by heading to her website, Alpha Aesthetics.

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