Scarpa R-Evolution Pro GTX Walking Boots

Scarpa R-Evolution Pro GTX Walking Boots

On our trip around North Wales last weekend I finally managed to pick up some new walking boots. I’ve been looking for some for so long now, I’m just glad I’ve found some!

I’ve had some Salomon boots for a few years now, and they’ve been good enough for the walks I was doing. They’re just starting to show their age a bit now. Letting water in and a well used sole having been battered by plenty of dog walking miles with Jenson.

Looking for a new pair of boots, I knew I’d need to spend a little bit more this time. (Well my Dad actually bought my last pair but that’s another story!) If I want the boots to last and look after my feet, cheap boots just wouldn’t make the cut. I also want to be a little more adventurous this year with the routes I’m keen to try, so it’s important I have the right kit.

Scarpa R-Evolution Pro GTX Walking Boots

I did actually buy some Mammut boots last year from Go Outdoors, but they only lasted two weeks before one of the eyelets came off.

To avoid disappointment with another pair of boots, I went to where the knowledge of walking kit would be…Betws Y Coed. I spent so much time there as a kid, I always love going back there.

Scarpa R-Evolution Pro GTX Walking Boots

Me and my Dad went round a few shops, but it was only in Cunningham’s where the staff filled me with confidence in what they were saying. Grant, one of the staff, was extremely helpful and wasn’t just about selling me the most expensive boots.

Scarpa R-Evolution Pro GTX Walking BootsScarpa R-Evolution Pro GTX Walking Boots

I tried on a few pairs just see what different styles felt like, but took a liking to these Scarpa boots fairly quickly. A firm sole and they really hugged my feet. I’ve not been able to wear Scarpa in the past due to having wide feet, but I’m getting on with these really well.

What do you get from the boot?

– When I get a little more adventurous next Winter, I can fit crampons to them to go exploring in the snow!

– Anti-Abrasion rubber in high wear areas of the boot

– Memory foam padding for a better fit

– Gore-Tex for a breathable but waterproof boot

– Stiff sole for stability on more rugged terrain

I’ve done this post as a little first look I guess. I’ve not tried them in the vast Welsh mountains yet, just Bulkeley Hill Woods in Cheshire. But the 6 mile loop we did was enough to break them in!

#WorkoutWednesday : Taking Time Out

I wanted to do something a little different for this week’s #WorkoutWednesday post. I enjoy posting about what I’ve been doing in training, but sometimes other things pop up that stop you from doing so.

If you weren’t already aware, I spent my weekend in London/Milton Keynes with Ryan. He’s always travelling back at the weekend and sometimes I feel a little guilty I can’t go down to see me as much. I’ve not ventured onto Motorways when driving yet, so doing it alone scares me!

So last weekend I went to see him, and coincidentally the London Bike Show was on too, so that’s where we went. But I’m going to talk about our wander round a park and some woods the day after. 

A short walk from the hotel we were staying in we ended up at a cafe called the ‘Pavillion’ somewhere in Bedford. It seemed a different way of life round there. Somewhere where the rhythmic hustle and bustle of London is so accessible, yet still so far away.

The Park was full of families spending valuable time with each other. Friends meeting up for coffee. This little cafe seemed a hub for socialising. 
I was so glad Ryan found this little cafe because it was so nice to sit somewhere relaxed with great food! I had an interview I wanted to write, but this turned out being something we both worked on. I loved writing it. We could just bounce ideas off each other and was much more productive than if it was just me writing it. I can’t wait to post the interview, but more information on that soon!

So what’s the whole point of this post? It is a #WorkoutWednesday after all! My point is that sometimes time out can do you good. 

Following the cafe we went for a wander round a park and then a quiet nature reserve nearby. Muddy tracks that we had no real idea about where they were heading. We just walked. I could not get over how quiet it was and thinking about how beautiful it must be there in the Spring & Summer.

An arrangement of trees that made up an orchard. Collections of snowdrops dotted around and occasionally a view over open fields. We talked about everything and everything. It was good to focus my mind on something and somewhere completely different. To explore.

I train to escape daily life like anyone else, but it is so so easy to get to engrossed in that training mindset. You’ll soon find time is running away from you and all you’ll have been doing is training. Yes, it’s important, but it’s just a good be able to go back to it with a clear head and new motivation.