What to do on your Bike this Autumn

What to do on your Bike this Autumn

The leaves are starting to fall, but we’ve had one crazy Summer in the UK. With a summer of holidays and racing, you can get to the Autumn and be at a loose end on what to do on your bike. What do you train for now all the big events in the diary are done?

We’re a tough bunch in the UK, so racing or riding doesn’t necessarily stop when the seasons start to get colder.

  1. Hill Climb

One of the oldest traditions in the British Cycling calendar, you’ll find hill climbs taking place up road climbs all around the country.

2017 Female National Hill Climb Champion, Joscelin Lowden, shares why she loves the discipline so much:

“I think it’s the atmosphere that makes them fun. All the old timers out with their bells on the side of the road shouts and the way you get a random bloke in a mankini running up the hill. The crowds can make the event and it’s usually a really fun day out. A few minutes of pain for a good return on entertainment!”
– Joscelin Lowden

If you’re nervous about giving hill climbs a go…look at it simply. All you’ve got to do is get to the top of a hill as quickly as you can. Don’t worry about everyone else, just race yourself. Despite hill climbs looking fairly short, I’d recommend a warm up so you can give it your best shot!

Why not come to the Wrexham Road Club’s hill climb up the Horseshoe Pass on the 7th October? There’s the great Ponderosa cafe at the top, so why not come and join me race to the top for cake?!?

  1. Cyclocross

#crossiscoming is definitely starting to pop up on my Instagram feed more, but what does it even mean? If you see someone on a bike with drop bars but knobbly tyres, you’ll probably be looking at a cyclocross bike. That’s according to 10 x National Cyclocross Champion, Helen Wyman anyway…

“It’s off road on a road bike with bobbly tyres. You race for roughly 50 minutes on a short circuit where you do lots of laps. There are plenty of obstacles and you regularly have to jump off and carry your bike. It’s over every kind of off-road terrain and is the most fun you can have on a bike in my opinion!”
– Helen Wyman

  1. Club Ride

You might have been going out on club rides throughout the summer, but now you haven’t got to try and organise them around people’s holidays, why not organise/tag along to a club ride this Autumn? You’ll ride roads you’ve never ridden before and find little gems in terms of cafe’s!

Have you tried a hill climb, cyclocross or club ride? What do you do on your bike over Autumn? Is it to early to ditch the shorts and opt for cycling leggings? Let me know in the comments below!

Where to Cycle when it gets Cold…

Now into October, we’ve definitely all felt the temperatures drop. Not only is getting out of your nice warm bed for work a bit more difficult, but so is getting up to go and ride your bike. So, where’s best to cycle when the weather gets cold?

1.Your local trail centre


Now I know many mountain bikers who avoid trail centres now just out of principle. It’s not ‘real’ mountain biking apparently. BUT these trails do have a cafe (more often than not) at the start and the end of your loop. So, surely a trail centre is a no brainer in the middle of winter right? And with the trails being accessible to the masses, the kids can come along too!

2. Pump Track


Many use the ‘off-season’ whether they’re pro or not to work on their skills for next year, so pump tracks can be a god-send. Pump tracks can help improve your cornering, jumping skills and how you maintain your speed on the trails. If your local pump track isn’t too water logged, why not give it a go?

3. Velodrome Taster Session


You might be a die-hard roadie or mountain biker, but never both right? Well I’m both and open for trying new things. I did exactly that last Summer when I tried my hand at riding round the Velodrome in Manchester. It’s inside…it’s warm…and we could explore Manchester after. Just one pointer, if you’re finding somewhere to park and you pull into a car park full of Audi R8’s and Ferrari’s…the ticket will be quite expensive ha!

Every bike ride doesn’t have to be a big expedition into the hills, on road bike or mountain bike, it can simply be along a canal or on fire roads through a forest. It makes snuggling up with a hot chocolate afterwards all that more satisfying.

Need ideas? Look no further

Have any more genius ideas for riding in colder weather? Feel free to comment below or on my social media posts!

Erddig in Autumn

Early memories of Erddig Hall involve making an appearance in the local newspaper due to having attended their Apple Festival with school. (This year’s Apple Festival is coming up on the 1st October!)

I’ve not visited the house or gardens since school, but I have taken Jenson to wander around the grounds of the estate. This being said, walking around the gardens was almost something new and different to see.

Summer is amazing, but the colours the transitional period bring between Summer and Autumn can turn landscapes into a sea of golden colour.


Walking through the back of the Stables brought us out to the side of the house which looked out onto the rolling Welsh hillsides. A building with such uniform features having an incredible presence in the scenery around it.


Through a small wooden gate we were taken into a vast expanse of fruit trees & countless varieties of plants which were positioned precisely in flower beds throughout Erddig’s walled gardens.


Bees were bumbling about. Friendly ducks greeting everyone in site…or searching for food perhaps? Either way, it was a perfect afternoon. Feeling so far from the modern world, yet not really missing it either.