Old Ma’s Coffee Shop

We finally managed to get out and ride our bikes after being ill over Christmas and New Year. Now I’m feeling better I could also try out the selfie stick Ryan got me for Christmas so I can use my GoPro more. Thanks to the GoPro Quik Stories app it is super easy to put together short videos too.

Getting up early to go out on a Sunday was definitely a shock to the system after letting myself have lie ins to recover from whatever illness I had. After getting out on the bikes today my head is so much clearer and I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself again. I’ve even found a gym to join so I can get back to training properly. When I don’t train I just donkt quite feel like myself. Being active and into fitness has always been a part of who I am.

With Ryan deep into his training for 2018, it was good to get out together too. No pressures to get back for a certain time, or because we actually got up on time, we weren’t chasing the light either.

We couldn’t believe how many cyclists and runners we seen out! I can honestly say we saw around 30 cyclists out on the route we did, or in the cafe we stopped at.

We stopped at Old Ma’s Coffee Shop, which isn’t too far from the Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall. Ryan’s been before, but today was my first visit and I couldn’t recommend it more! It’s such a welcoming cafe with really good food. Value for money is great too.

I hope you all managed to get out and enjoy the outdoors this weekend, whether that was cycling or not.

Attingham Park, Shrewsbury

I put these photos into Photoshop, but then decided to I liked them as they were.

Our visit to Attingham Park was a bit sporadic, yet I’m still glad we went even if it was rather cold! Next time I’ll make sure to go back more wrapped up, but then we could just go back when it’s a bit warmer…

After a tour round the house, where I kept trying to make Ryan laugh, we wandered up to the deer since I was dying to take some photos of them. Next time, I’ll try and take a longer lens as I could photograph them all day!