#WorkoutWednesday 8th January 2017

I’m holding my hands up. I’ve completely fallen away from my training routine this week. I felt awful coming home from work on Monday and with a maths exam coming up, my head wasn’t fully in it either.

But excuses aside I have tried to do some training this week, even if that’s meant just doing what I can squeeze in.

Running and a gym session really, so what did I get up to in the gym?

I decided I wanted to make use of a medicine ball and exercise ball for training this week. Just to mix my gym sessions up a bit really and work different muscles.


10 minutes on the bike. (Which is probably not enough for a good warm-up I’ll admit!)


1. Mountain Climbers to Frog

2. Plank to Pike on Exercise Ball

3. Commando Row
1. Plank Jacks

2. Press Ups with feet on exercise ball

3. Lunges with dumbells

1. Alternating Press Ups with medicine ball.

2. Ab Roll Outs on exercise ball

3. Russian Twists holding medicine ball.

Cool Down

Steady Run on the Treadmill 

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