Yes mental health is now all over the media, but is it really talked about?

Do we really take enough time to talk to others if they need to?

Or are we so wrapped up in the rat-race of daily life to notice those around us are struggling?

I still find there’s that slight awkward silence if it’s brought up. Some might see it as attention-seeking, where others just don’t appreciate what others are going or have been through.


Don’t take offence if someone’s having an off day.

Everyone has bad things to deal with, so be a little more considerate…

Sometimes just a conversation with someone can boost their mood, so put your phone away and listen.

Start with a clean slate this February with how you treat others.

4 thoughts on “#TimeToTalk

  1. The Album (Matt) says:

    It depends, my friend has a mental illness and when other friends first found out they trashed him. Most people get awkward about conversations they are unsure of or know nothing about and how it affects people. Personally, I just think some people suck and others are great people who will accept others. But that’s just my experience.

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