Workout Wednesday 18th January 2017

I must admit it feels rather odd to have something to train for. I mean I trained for downhill and other mountain bike races, but it was always just what I felt like doing at the time. I was never pushing my limits or progressing. 

For my first Tri in April I have a main goal…to complete it! I could say I want a certain time but I’ve never done one, so why put extra pressure on myself?

With a workout session downloaded onto my Garmin, the workout I’m sharing with you tonight is my 6 x 400m sprints. 

10 minute warm-up

400m sprint

200m recovery 

Complete the sprint and recovery pair 6 times.


I’m not going to lie…it was tough!

I got to that final sprint and my lungs were crying ‘what on earth are you doing to me?!?’

But I could completely switch off and just respond to the beeps of my Garmin informing me if I needed to sprint or recover. Although when it was beeping every 2 seconds to tell me my heart rate had risen or falling…that got a bit annoying.

I hope you’re all having a good week!

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