Mixing It Up In 2017

I’m always looking for new training sessions to try out. Sometimes you just need to try something a little different, but you can just get lost in the Internet and not really know where to start.

I thought I would put together a little blog post on the training sessions I want to try this year. Maybe it will give you a little bit of inspiration when you’re stuck for something to do when you’ve got some time to train.

1. Follow in Michael Hutchinson’s footsteps by doing 20s max effort followed by 10s recovery and repeat for 4 minutes.

Sprint sessions can be like hell on earth but good if you’re strapped for time to train. I’d obviously need to warm up before doing this one though! I might even squeeze this one in after a strength session at the gym maybe, just to keep things interesting!


2. Sally Up, Sally Down Press-Up Challenge

I originally came across this challenge whilst trying to find a song off the mountain bike film, Life Cycles. The last time I tried this was a while back now, but I’m sure I could only ever get to 1 minute 30s before my arms gave up! So I’m dragging this one out of the woodwork to make sure I’m working on my upper body strength.


3. Train with others

Strictly speaking this isn’t exactly a challenge, but I train alone quite a lot. When it comes to training with others I find I have much more work to do. So why not find a group of friends and a circuit session you can do together? I’m going to try and head to a track session at my local running track and see how that goes!


So there are three things I’ll be trying in 2017, what about you? If you’re trying any new training sessions (or even any of the above!) I’d love to hear how you get on! Keep checking back to my blog as I’ll be reporting back to let all my lovely readers if I managed to survive the training sessions above.

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