Wednesday Workout 4th January 2017

As a way of making sure I stick to my New Year Resolutions this year, I’m trying to document what I’ve done as much as possible. So expect a few more regular blog posts!
One way of me documenting what I’m doing is through these Wednesday Workout posts. If you’re curious about what I do in training, these posts will act as a little insight into my training sessions.

For January they will mainly be gym session focussed, but I might change this through the year!

So what gym session was I doing this week?

Spending 1 minute per exercise and a 30s rest after each set, my session went a bit like this…

Set 1: Plank, Mountain Climbers, Bicycle Crunches

Set 2: Commando Rows, Squat Thrusters, Lateral Raises

Set 3: Single-Leg Deadlifts, Burpees with a Press-Up, Sumo Squats

For the Commando Rows, Squat Thrusters, Single-Leg Deadlifts and Sumo Squats I was using two 6kg dumbells. They added to the burn in my muscles quite a bit!
I hope getting back to normal after the festive period hasn’t been to painful this week! If you decide to give my training session a try, make sure you only work to your own ability. This one was a bit tougher than I expected!

Like I said in my recent training calendar post, baby steps in training are the best way to go!

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