Sunny South Wales

I’m a little bit more adventurous from when I first started riding bikes, but last weekend I found this might just be in the North Wales hills just for now…

Put me by myself in a forest I don’t even know the name of in South Wales and I’m not so confident. The result being me going on a rather random walk that involved me turning back to where I had just come from a fair few times.The reason being so I didn’t venture too far in one direction and get lost…ha!

Next time I’ll make sure I have a map….and a bike….!


Lucy’s Life and Bikes


Lucy’s Life and Bikes

Chester Zoo

Is the zoo something your not suppose to do the older you get? Definitely not! I have no idea how far we walked, but I vaguely remember it taking me quite a long time to move on from the Red Panda enclosure…scroll down to see how fluffy he is! (And the meerkats….and the monkeys!)


Bike Maintenance & Driving Tests

This week I finally passed my driving test, which is surprising with how nervous I was not just throughout the test but all day…

To take my mind off the test I got to work on my road bike. Despite having just left a job where I was predominantly building bikes in a workshop, I didn’t work on my own bikes all that much.

So I got rid of the squeak coming from the headset on my road bike….

Sugar Overload

So I actually got round to riding a bike in a forest again today rather than on the road! 

The reason I got involved in mountain biking was because of the social side of the sport, and this year I seem to be getting back to that. It’s just about going out to put a smile on my face and catch up with friends.

I wasn’t chasing times with my Garmin.

I wasn’t bothered about missing a few features along the way.

And making room for this epic milkshake in the cafe at Llandegla afterwards … Ha!

A glass jar filled with ice cream, meringue, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cream … and a doughnut on top!

It just had to be done. End of…ha!

Spending so much time on the road can’t be doing me that bad either, because my climbing ability hasn’t completely disappeared! (Yet!)