Confessions of an Amateur Swimmer

Everytime I go swimming everyone seems to know what they’re doing…meanwhile I’m a splashing, out of breathe mess making some attempt at a front crawl.

1. The nightmare of forgetting loose change for the lockers.

Luckily for me, on the one occasion (so far!) it happened to me, it was a quiet ladies only night at the pool meaning I could leave my bag poolside. So after waiting half an hour for the ladies only swimming session to start I didn’t have to go straight back home!

2. Slowly convincing yourself you swim like a squid.

Honestly…my stroke is different every length I do. Hense, I feel like a squid…and probably look like one whilst swimming too…ha!

3. Water in my ears…

Anyone got any solutions for this…it’s probably worse than looking like a squid..ha!

Despite the above training is no longer strength training, riding, runningand repeat. There’s something new in the mix too!

If only I could look less like an out-of-breathe squid…

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