South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey


South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey


Certain places I visited as a child have always had a presence in the back of my mind. Whether it’s possible to go back there or not. South Stack happens to be one of those places and thankfully day trips are possible there.

The first time I visited there a few years back involved me wandering off from my family with the hound at my heels. Passing views unique to the little island off the coast of North Wales, time soon passed and I didn’t realise the time until I had a phone call off my Mum to see where I’d ended up.

This is standard behaviour for me by the sea. I get drawn to the waves and the feeling of looking out to nothing but blue water. Seeing the different currents around a bay. The ships going out to see. Exploring somewhere that isn’t quite on my doorstep.

Anglesey often happens to have aircraft flying round in the skies too from RAF Valley. This involves engines and speed…so naturally something I find interesting!

To most it might just be the island off the coast of North Wales, but something always draws me back there.

Yet, memories are always made there so that might be it.

A Lesson in Chocolate Labradors

The first two years of owning a chocolate Labrador involved trying to train him to become a mellow and obedient four-legged companion.

The past two years have been accepting the fact that it will just never happen. 

If he wants to go in that muddy puddle … he is going in that muddy puddle … whether you want him to or not.

After one of those never-ending days at work and some cooler weather, Jenson got dragged out on a longer walk than normal. 

In familiar surroundings he was his usual energetic self, followed by being quite timid on a new route we’d found.

Sulking when he accidentally walked over holly leaves and more than happy to see the horses on the other side of the fence. (The horses weren’t so much….)

As soon as we got back to familiar territory he was back to his mischievous self. Listening to his nose rather than me was more important….

Despite all this we’d been on a walk I didn’t even know was there even with it being pretty much on my doorstep. Which is surprising considering we’ve had our crazy hound for four years now.

We were always told chocolate Labradors were the most crazy out of the Golden, Black and Chocolate labs. And I definitely agree …

River to Ridge

Despite feeling guilty about leaving Jenson at home, a road ride today was a no-brainer after waking up to blue skies this morning.

To miss the rush hour traffic I left at 10 with the plan of following a route I’d found by ‘Discover Cheshire’. From the river in Farndon, the route follows country lanes that meander through the Cheshire plains. The route passed through the quaint little area of the world surrounding the Sandstone Trail. Hense, river to ridge.

But I had to navigate those pretty little country lanes first….

With only a map and my phone as backup, one of those fancy Garmin computers would have come in handy!

Missing turnings, stopping multiple times to check I was on the right road…maps whilst trying to get a training ride in don’t exactly match particularly well.

I managed to get to Tattenhall but a direction to go left up a road that didn’t seem to match the following direction, it was at this point I ended up making up a route…on-route!

I knew where I needed to head to and roads to avoid. So I headed homeward bound passing through numerous little postcard-worthy villages that seemed so distant from the busy A41.

Although, from now on there’s no hiding the fact I ride road bikes as well as mountain bikes. I’ve got some pretty bizarre roadie tan lines…

Confessions of an Amateur Swimmer

Everytime I go swimming everyone seems to know what they’re doing…meanwhile I’m a splashing, out of breathe mess making some attempt at a front crawl.

1. The nightmare of forgetting loose change for the lockers.

Luckily for me, on the one occasion (so far!) it happened to me, it was a quiet ladies only night at the pool meaning I could leave my bag poolside. So after waiting half an hour for the ladies only swimming session to start I didn’t have to go straight back home!

2. Slowly convincing yourself you swim like a squid.

Honestly…my stroke is different every length I do. Hense, I feel like a squid…and probably look like one whilst swimming too…ha!

3. Water in my ears…

Anyone got any solutions for this…it’s probably worse than looking like a squid..ha!

Despite the above training is no longer strength training, riding, runningand repeat. There’s something new in the mix too!

If only I could look less like an out-of-breathe squid…

Double DOMS

How come sometimes your body seems to cope with training rather well…and then other times just decides to pretty much give up? Ha!

I’m nowhere near training as much as I have in the past (yet!) but steadily including more into my week. And this week my body is not a fan. 

A 45 minute strength session on Monday and 25 Welsh hill miles yesterday…I hurt everywhere…ha!

Hopefully it will be worthwhile when I get back on my Downhill bike, because with the way my upper body strength is right now I think riding it would be a hell of a lot of hard work. But I miss it…a lot!

Bikes & Brownies

For me cycling is more than just a sport I participate in. Encouraging girls to enjoy being active and being outdoors is just as important.

Growing up I couldn’t quite decide whether being a ‘tomboy’ or ‘girly’ suited me best. When most girls ‘found’ make-up, I still had scars on my shins from many failed attempts to keep up with my brother on my bike. Social media was beginning to grow in popularity and I felt I had to act a certain way to be considered ‘normal’. I’d go from being outgoing and loud, to being crippled by nerves with the many judgemental comments I thought might be fired back at me going through my head. Even the smallest comments stuck with for a long time. Some of them still do.

Finding bikes changed that.

I’ve had those rare runs where I’m at the top of a Downhill track and I’m completely tuned in to what’s around me and what lays ahead. Riding on instinct instead of thinking how I can get to the bottom as soon as possible. Relaxing into corners and saving wash-outs. All of a sudden how I looked or acted wasn’t important. Chasing adrenalin was.


When I got a message of Lizzie, who I use to go to school with, I jumped at the chance to talk at her Girl Guides & Brownies group about helping the girls get out on their bikes this Summer. If I could encourage even just one of these girls to go and ride her bike this Summer, it would be worth it.


I started the talk by asking the girls to attach labels I’d made to the parts of the bike they thought they might be. Seeing them so willing to get involved was quite humbling.

After going through how to check their bikes were safe to what is good to put in their backpacks, Q&A’s followed. With them asking so many good (and sometimes difficult to answer!) questions, I hope they have the most amazing Summer out on their bikes! Talking in front of a lot of people isn’t exactly a strong point of mine, but they were so polite and a credit to their families & Lizzie.