Sunday Morning

Normally when my brain decides it wants to wake up at 6 in the morning…I’m not best pleased with it. Rolling over to look at your alarm clock to find it won’t be going off for another 2 hours isn’t ideal, but that was the exact scenario I found myself in this morning.

I nearly went back to sleep but seeing the sun outside, and the thought of the rain that’s suppose to hit later, I dragged myself out of bed to have breakfast. 

The thought of what on earth I’m doing waking up on a Sunday at 6 crossed my mind multiple times. Especially when the route I had planned had some rather steep climbs. 

I’ve not done any long distance rides for a while, and that soon became blatantly obvious on my way up the climbs. I had to stand up on the bike to pedal…a lot. 

Bar one mishap involving lack of traction in the rear wheel and me nearly falling on my face, I managed to get up all the climbs. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to clipping in…ha!

Despite my tired legs and early start, being able to see this view before work was beyond worth it.

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