Simple Pasta

With a new job I can now ride to work again and although it’s not a great distance, I still find myself rather hungry at lunchtime! So the humble ham sandwich no longer makes the cut of filling my tummy!

After wracking my brains for a few weeks of what I could take to work for lunch. Looking at countless recipes on Pinterest and in cookbooks, I decided to keep it simple. So here’s what I came up with:

(For 2 servings a.k.a 2 days worth of lunch!)

– 150g gluten-free pasta (just preference!)

– 500g Sainsbury’s own Italian Passata

– Pinch of Basil

– 1 Red Bell Pepper

Following the instructions on the packet of the pasta, I cooked it for ten minutes, and cut the pepper whilst the pasta was cooking.

Adding in the Italian Passata after draining the water from the pasta, the pepper and basil also got thrown into the mix.

Once it was all warmed through I just needed to split it into two containers ready to take to work!

This is more of an inspiration cooking blog rather than a ‘how to’. I made it up as I went along really! 

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and keep it simple!

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