British Summer

With my moggy looking at me in disgust because it was raining outside, I wondered if this ride was a good idea. I’ve been a bit of a posh mountain biker lately. With so much going on, being unwell isn’t an option. But I needed to ride my bike. On singletrack.
At first I was riding along back roads. It was damp and misty, but that didn’t seem to hush the birds at all. The leaves were covered in morning dew and a strong green in colour. Along with the humidity, this was the only sign we were actually in British Summer.

Getting onto the trails I felt a little rusty going downhill on my hardtail, but going uphill didn’t feel that bad. Although my commute to work isn’t that long, it must be helping me boost my fitness up. 

It was a bit of a random ride really. More of a ride to scope out possible new routes, which didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I stopped to fuss a few dogs (especially a 9 month old Black Lab…so cute!) and chilled out for a bit. It wasn’t wall to wall sunshine but the ride wasn’t bad at all.

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