Building Bikes

Despite some industries, which are mechanical/engineering related, moving in the right direction when it comes to female employees, I still feel incredibly lucky to have a job in a workshop. Gaining valuable experience as I go in what is currently a bicycle workshop.

I’ve not always worked with tools and by that I mean I wasn’t messing around with them when I was younger. But I’ve always been a hands-on type of person I suppose. P.E. , cooking and design technology classes at school were always something I looked forward to. 

But back onto my job, which amongst other things is to build bikes at Alf Jones Cycles. And today was one of those ‘good’ days at work. If those even exist ha!

Not that I mind working with other people but I got into work to find I’d be the only one in the workshop. So Radio 1 it was! I had my list of bikes to build so I could just get on with things. 

There’s something about working with tools (when the job is going smoothly…!) that’s seems to relax me. I just like working with tools and bikes at that. Indexing the gears. Setting up the brakes. I just go into my own little world of setting up bikes whilst listening to them talking about random stuff on Radio 1…ha! So I may not have been riding, but my Sunday wasn’t bad at all!

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